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”This isn’t the first time the sword had been called to perform a heroic feast”
Extract from Beowulf

From this quote I know that the sword has to be powerful and that there is personification as you can’t call for a sword to do your job. I think the author has used personification to tell us that the sword is a strong object and that it has done good deeds.I know that there is figurative language and that the author added it in to show us how strong and special the sword is.

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Mission maker

Leo and I learnt how to trigger objects by going to the settings. To get there, you have to press the esc button, then there will be a tab full of props. Go to it and scroll down till you find the door button and press it. There are two doors a spike door and a stone door. You can choose either one but I’d prefer the spike door.

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The clock strikes… Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen! Tom ran down the stairs and finds a…

Extract from Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

I chose this sentence because ”Thirteen” to me sounds like the clock that Tom hears is magical and a sound leads to a noun which is why the number thirteen might be a specific noise that the author wrote so that the reader can feel like the clock is special and that it allows Tom to wake up and go somewhere.

The part where it says:

”Tom raced down the stairs and finds a……”could be a cliff hanger because the author hasn’t told us where Tom is going and I think that’s suspense because there are no full stops just ellipses and that might pause the sentence to make us think what might happen next.

The common nouns are the clock and stairs and the proper noun is Tom.

The verbs are strikes, finds and ran as it is an action

There is one definite articles: THE , and there is one indefinite article which is (A) at the end of the sentence and it adds suspense because we don’t know what will happen next..

The main clause is when “Tom goes down the stairs” because that sentence alone introduces a character and tells us that he ran which is the verb.

There are no adjectives and adverbs.

The exclamation mark has been put in the sentence because it wants us to think about what happens next and also because it’s a surprising number on a clock especially during the morning. The exclamation mark also tells us something loud is in the sentence and that might be referring to a specific onomatopoeia which again tells us that the clock is special in a different kind of way.

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The craftsman and his son.

Once upon a time there was a craftsman who invented new creations for his country, Egypt. He was well known for her inventions. A lot of them were things such as the tomb. The craftsman had an intelligent son who created the sun dial and the wheel.

One day, the craftsman’s son had created a “book of the dead”( which is a book full of spells so that a human can go to the afterlife and not go to hell) for the pharaoh and he was so pleased that he made the craftsman’s son the royal inventor. However, the craftsman was so mad that at night time, when everyone was asleep, he carried his son to the river Nile and threw him and the water washed his son away to a waterfall, where he fell and died. A week later, the craftsman told the pharaoh that his son went to another country to live a happier life and the craftsman was hired as the new royal inventor and he lived a happy life.

Years went by and the pharaoh passed away. The villagers made a great funeral in his honour and the craftsman was hired as the new pharaoh …when the craftsman was asleep in his king size bed he heard a gust of wind and his door swung open. The craftsman’s heart was racing as he saw his son (at least what was left of him) and his son dimmed the lights.

The very next day, the craftsman’s guards came to his bedroom and they found the head of the craftsman.

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Create your own myth


Once upon a time there was a craftsman who invented new creations for his country, Egypt. He invented the tomb. The craftsman had a son, who was much more cleverer than him and created traps for grave robbers so that they won’t steal the riches of the pharaoh when he died. One day, the craftsman’s son had created a book of the dead for the pharaoh when he goes to the afterlife.

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The tale of the boy who cried Grendel!

10/2/16                          The boy who cried Grendel!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a shepherd called Limo. Limo came from Denmark and he was a shepherd who looked after sheep.Limo lived in a barn with a wealthy family who sold animals for money. But every night, Grendel, a creature who camouflaged in the dark with his mother, would go inside Limo’s barn and steal two sheep and a cow. When this happened, Limo had to call the villagers and they would try to rescue the sheep. Today though, he felt bored and he decided to call the villagers, so he yelled “GRENDEL is here, help!”. The villagers stopped what they were doing and ran to Limo’s barn. But they found nothing!

Limo said that he was just joking around and the villagers went back to their houses all grumpy and annoyed. When Limo realised the attention he got, he had an idea. The next day, Limo went to the barn and yelled “GRENDEL IS HERE!” and just like , the villagers ran to the barn and they found nothing again. This time Limo said he thought he had seen Grendel but he hadn’t.

The third day, when Limo was relaxing he heard a crack! He heard a sniff. He heard footsteps…then he saw a shadow, two shadows. The shadows were lurking above Limo. Limo was sweating hardly. His blood pumped quickly. His heart was pounding erratically. He tried to scream but no voice came out… Then he saw Grendel the Titan and his old looking mother! Limo was shocked and as he was going to yell, a claw sunk on his head.

Later when the villagers came to the barn, they lost their animals and there was Limo, lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

So the moral of the story is to always tell the truth.




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Meet Joe Spud…

This is a book summary about the new book I read which is called Billionaire boy.

Meet Joe Spud, one of the most richest kid of all time. He got rich when his father, Mr Spud made a famous toilet roll called ‘Bumfresh’ after his mum died and soon he became a billionaire. Joe has everything he could imagine for but he hasn’t got one thing, the one and only thing he needs…… a friend. So his father sends him to a normal school where he makes a new friend Bob. Suddenly his father gets engaged to a woman who might become Joes new mother. Now the story is really going to begin.

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Their whole ancestry is hidden in a past of demons and ghosts. They dwell apathy among wolves on the hills , on windswept crags and treacherous keshes. Grendel, a chameleon who camouflages in the darkness and a monster with a taste for mouth watering humans. He’s a predator ,waiting  to find a human and pounce on him like a net stuck on an endangered lion and then rips the human apart from jaw to limb.

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The mystery wolf

“The wolf   Howled  with  predjuice”.






moonlight shines bright


freezing cold


Their whole ancestry is hidden in a past of demons and ghosts.They dwell apathy among wolves on the hills , on windswept crags and treacherous keshes

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Book summary

The book that I have read was a really funny book. The book I read was Diary of a wimpy kid which was written by Jeff kinney and this is about a boy named Grey who writes about school from his perspective. There are a series of books about Grey and I’ve liked them all. I enjoyed the part where he makes the wrong choice. I think me and Greg have something in common.


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